Save the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight!

When the Financial Crisis struck about a year ago, it was presented as the mother of all emergencies. In a ridiculously short amount of time, the US political establishment legislated and put into effect the infamous Bailout and a huge amount of money was miraculously found and immediately deployed in order to save the financial base of neoliberal capitalism.

What is important to notice here is the speed with which a colossal amount of money was found and deployed. The contrast to the sluggish speed of “business as usual” with regard to solving the planet’s great humanitarian and ecological problems is staggering. To us in the Left, the reasons for this are obvious: the capitalist elites have no real interest in saving the climate, ending hunger, poverty and marginalization, finding cures for diseases, eliminating the reasons causing mass migrations and so on.  It is apparent that for them, these are not really problems, precisely because when faced with a something they really consider a problem, they act fast and decisively, just like they did with the Bailout. Otherwise, they take their time, in “processes”,  “talks” and “roadmaps”, as is the case of the reduction of CO2 emissions, peace in the middle east, poverty, hunger and so on and so forth.

To us in the Left, it is apparent that the only way for the elites to take action, is for the people to make them. To make the problems that are real for us, real for them, too.

Now, there is a Dutch company called Vestas, that makes wind turbines.Vestas has a factory on the Isle of Wight, in Britain, but claiming lack of commercial demand, it wants to shut it down, firing more than half a thousand workers. The workers there did something amazing for British standards: they occupied the factory, demanding nationalization of the factory in order for it to keep making wind turbines. In short: save jobs and industrial capacity in order to help save the planet!

This is a pivotal point in the Labor Movement! The Vestas strike and occupation must succeed! And, even more than that, the victorious strike must be the beginning for a comprehensive “Green Bailout”!

Please show your support for the occupation by spreading the word around, or even donating to the campaign.

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(the ecosocialist wrench image is from indymedia London, and it is a remix of this May ’68 poster)

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Save the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight!

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