Rosa Luxemburg in Toronto


The Toronto New Socialists are organizing a reading and discussion group on Rosa Luxemburg. The recent developments regarding the realignment of the Left in Toronto, with the (tentative?) formation of the Anti-Capitalist Network, following the Workers’ Assembly, makes the timing perfect to revisit Rosa’s ideas and talk about what impact they can have in our contemporary struggles. Here’s the blurb:

Rosa Luxemburg: A revolutionary for our times?

A reading and discussion group hosted by Toronto New Socialists

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) remains one of the most important but widely-neglected figures in the history of the socialist movement. Her writings – on socialism and democracy, anti-imperialism, reform and revolution, the mass strike, and more – continue to speak to urgent issues of our times.

This discussion group is intended to give activists an opportunity to read and discuss key texts by Luxemburg, including Reform or Revolution (1900) and The Mass Strike (1906) and to debate their relevance today.

First session: Monday, October 26 at 7.30 PM, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Participants will be sent details on readings and location.

For more information email:

All the readings can be found online here.

Note that the blurb on the NSG website mentions Wednesday the 28th, but per the last TNS meeting, it has been moved to Monday.

(the photo is courtesy of Indymedia Ireland)

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Rosa Luxemburg in Toronto

2 thoughts on “Rosa Luxemburg in Toronto

  1. Μία απλή σημείωση για τη διαχείρηση της σημειολογίας στη Νέα Εποχή: Ο υπέρτιτλος πάνω από το σχέδιο του κεφαλιού της Ρόζας, που αναγράφει “Ich bin eine Terroristin”, δηλαδή “Είμαι μία τρομοκράτης”, έχει αφαιρεθεί από την εν λόγω στήλη/κομμάτι του τείχους, που παραμένει ακόμα στην Potsdamer Platz…


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