Today: Poverty free Ontario!


Today is a mobilization day! There are two marches, one organized by OCAP and another organized by UTSU. Both are part of the Campaign for a poverty-free Ontario and both will eventually converge at the Ontario Legislature at Queen’s Park.

Here’s the list of demands according to OCAP:

  • Affordable and Accessible Housing: increased social housing and access to proper shelter supports
  • Decent Income: Increased Social Assistance by 40%, Increased (Un)Employment Insurance and Minimum Wage
  • Status for all immigrants and refugees: access to services without fear
  • Justice For First Nations: stop economic warfare and recognize sovereignty

And according to UTSU:

  • Reduced Tuition Fees
  • Affordable Child Care
  • Public Housing
  • A Living Wage
  • Quality Public Health Care
  • Employment Equity
  • Raise in Social Assistance Rates
  • Fair Employment Insurance Rates

Politically, I sympathize more with the OCAP call-out, but will be joining the UTSU rally because …all my friends will be there (and it’s on campus) 🙂

See you on the streets!

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Today: Poverty free Ontario!

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