The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly is now online

About a month ago, I was raving about the foundation of a new organization of the Torontonian Left, the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly. Well, since then, the various committees that were established have been hard at work and a first draft of the organisation’s website is now up and running at

According to the latest communique, “the completed website should be up and running by March 2010. In addition to Assembly specific activities and announcements the new website will include a prominent space through which Assembly members can promote events, activities, and meetings”.

For the time being, anyone interested can read the complete Vision Statement (which I recommend), subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates, and take a look at the Links section, which gives a rough idea of the makeup of the various expressions of the Left in Toronto. Regarding the last one: although it’s crystal clear that the list of links is not the list of participating organizations, it is my understanding -I could of course be wrong- that at least a fair amount of people participating in the Assembly are associated with them.

The next Assembly is going to be on April 17-18, 2010, with details such as agenda, location and registration information to be announced.

PS. For French speakers, there is also this article: “Fondation de la Greater Toronto Worker’s Assembly : vers un renouveau de la gauche militante torontoise“.

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The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly is now online

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