The 4th International on the Cochabamba gathering

This is a reprint from the International Viewpoint. While I’m a bit wary of the talk of “rights of Mother Earth”, this is still a very important occasion. Here goes:

Make the Cochabamba gathering a new stage in the fight for an anticapitalist response to climate change

The 16th World Congress of the Fourth International

  • Denounces the caricature of an agreement that 25 major polluting countries reached on the sidelines of the Copenhagen climate summit; the agreement sets aside the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. They seek to impose this agreement on the peoples of the world; it is tailor made for the interests of big capital and capitalist appropriation of resources. It represents a grave threat for the workers of the world, for the poor, for peasants, women and indigenous peoples, as well as for ecosystems;
  • Celebrates the initiative taken by Bolivian president Evo Morales to hold a peoples’ summit on climate and the rights of Mother Earth in order to make the voices of indigenous peoples heard; and to develop a common response to the imperialist policy of dividing up the world and the atmosphere between the big powers. We call on all political and social forces in struggle against exploitation and oppression to support the Cochabamba gathering and participate as far as possible;
  • Salutes those communities who defend the ecosystems they developed and struggle for their rights, way of life, and methods of collective appropriation that respect the environment. In so doing, they have become a driving force in the climate movement and oppose the capitalist logic of neoliberal commodification of resources. They are a source of inspiration for the creation of a new relationship between society and nature;
  • Calls on revolutionary Marxists to ensure that the Cochabamba gathering paves the way for a broadening and deepening of the international mobilization of social movements – above and beyond specific cultural references — for an anti-neoliberal and anti-capitalist response to climate change.

27th February 2010

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The 4th International on the Cochabamba gathering

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