According to the BBC:

“Nato has admitted that its forces were responsible for the deaths of three women during a botched night-time raid in eastern Afghanistan in February. It had already admitted killing two innocent men in the operation, saying they were shot dead when they came out of their homes carrying firearms.Nato now says the women were killed by shots fired at the men.”

The article goes on to describe how NATO feels sorry “for the outcome of the operation” and how Karzai complains, asking for changes.

So, a simple question: who were these five civilians that were murdered by NATO forces? What are their names? What age were they? Did they have children? Were they respected members of their community?

If this were an operation gone bad and westerners happened to be killed, we would be getting their names, moving stories about them, comments from relatives and neighbors etc. The news report would be talking about real people, presenting them as real people, people worth sympathizing with, people suffering a tragedy.

But here? Just “two men” and “three women”. No names, nothing. Just five Afghan nobodies.

And a photo of General McChrystal smiling with Afghani collaborators. Would you put a photo of a smiling Ahmadinejad in an article about the victims of the Green Movement?

Screw you, BBC.

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