Neo-fascists threaten Athens Pride

While in Toronto the issues surrounding this year’s Pride are about censorship of political positions, bringing it back to its roots and so on, in Athens things are much different.

The Athens Pride is a relatively young event. It has been held annually since 2005, slowly gathering momentum. It is therefore still free from the institutionalization that plagues the Toronto Pride. But at the same time, this means that it is an easy target for all sorts of hate-mongers, reactionaries, bigots and homophobes.

This year in particular, the neo-fascist newspaper “Stochos” published a piece on their website directly threatening the 6th Pride (to be held on June 5th) with physical violence. Supposedly, the neo-fascists took issue with this year’s Pride poster, seen above. The poster features an evzone in traditional attire, which includes the skirt-like fustanella, with the superimposed slogan “we are everywhere”. I write “supposedly” because, really, fascist scum just need any excuse to express their hatred for anything that deviates from their repulsive fantasies of what Greece should be like.

Greek bloggers have already started mobilizing against the threats. One of the best posts boldly declares that in the face of hate-mongering: “We are all Fags“, while others urge anyone to join the Pride to support the LGBT community. Personally, I look forward to a good mobilization by the robust Greek Antifa movement, as well as massive participation from the Left.

In the toxic socioeconomic environment that prevails in Greece today due to the crisis, the danger of a reactionary, far-right turn is ever present. It is in exactly this context, that we must help build movements, such as the LGBT movement, that are not defensive but actively demand concessions from the establishment.

¡No pasarán!

Neo-fascists threaten Athens Pride

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