Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

The title reflects the tactics employed by the world elites against WikiLeaks.

In the meantime, these are the most interesting things, relevant to the ongoing First World Infowar, that I ran into today:

And some bonus random thoughts:

The First World Infowar that is being waged between governments and elites on the one hand and The Global People on the other may be the first really global uprising(*). Or at least the first such skirmish. Has the Internet given birth to the first truly global Revolutionary Subject?

(*) Obligatory reference.

And, going back to the old Marxist dogma of the Base and the Superstructure, isn’t it apparent that we’re seeing exactly that unfolding in front of us? Capitalism gave birth to the Internet. The Internet ended up constituting a new technological “base”, making the old “superstructure”, the traditional state and corporate power obsolete and ultimately powerless to control it. Is this the case? Is the controversial theory of the “development of the productive forces” showing its potency?

Crap, we need real intellectuals!

(PS. I love the era I’m living in, love it.)

Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

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