“Thoughts of a dying atheist”

All around Europe, the peoples are stirring. In France, Spain, the UK, Greece, Italy and elsewhere, students, workers, youths, pensioners fight the good struggle.

Around the world, people are fighting for access to the truth. A truly global struggle unfolds where Anonymous crowds take up on themselves to defend the right to access information.

Governments react with cynicism and oppression.

The media either remain silent or side with the oppressors, implicitly or explicitly promoting Far Right populism.

A great bourgeois statesman once said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

And the Left?

We are too scared to really contest wrestling power for ourselves. We have no program, no politics, no real vision. We went to bed, dreaming ostalgic dreams, when we should be forging the new utopias. The time comes when we must all answer honestly: “do you really believe that we can change this world?”. Because our enemies have already answered; honestly and affirmatively.

We are too scared of what we can do. We are scared of power, we are scared of the masses, we are scared of change. Maybe that’s why our politics, the aged atheist, should die, to give way for those who aren’t scared.

“Thoughts of a dying atheist”

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