Two comments.

1) “State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron

So, after Merkel, Cameron becomes the second major European leader to denounce multiculturalism. “Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism” goes the quote.  “Active, muscular liberalism”? Certainly not against the excesses of the markets, I assume. Could we presume that he’s talking of the sort of “muscular liberalism” that the Chicago Boys found so intriguing about the Pinochet regime?

At any rate, this is a clear sign that conservatives around Europe are regressing towards ever more far-right positions, essentially endorsing nationalism, xenophobia and, in particular, islamophobia, which tends to replace antisemitism as Europe’s racism-of-choice.

2) “Investors fear anti-market regime in Egypt

So, democracy is bad for business, eh? And democracy might present a “risk of contagion”. If only those weird brown people would stick to making Egypt more “stable” and not want things that have only been proven to work for honorable white people. Not to mention that their shenanigans have already shaken the financial markets. Who do they think they are, interrupting business as usual like that?

Reminds me of what Zizek had said on Democracy Now:

Wasn’t it that, ’til recently—I’m sorry to tell you again, as a strange communist, you will say—there was one good argument for capitalism? After. It may have been that capitalism needed dictatorship for ten, twenty years—Chile, South Korea—but when things started to move, capitalism always engendered a push toward some kind of democracy. No longer. I claim that what is now emerging in the Far East started—it started in Singapore, this kind of so-called, again, authoritarian capitalism. I think something new is emerging: a capitalism even more dynamic than our own, but which, even in long term, doesn’t need democracy.

Apparently we don’t need to look for that in the Far East. The same trick has been working in Europe’s doorstep for the last 30 or so years…

Two comments.

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