Sense Nu

My friend Oriol is launching a Facebook page for his own fashion label called “Sense Nu“. Other that wishing him all the best, I think I can articulate why I really like his designs:

On the one hand he is a modernist, i.e. there is a futuristic element to his thought, evidenced both by his aesthetics and his modular, utilitarian outlook, which by the way reminds me of a strand of Design research that talks about User Innovation and empowering end-users with “toolkits“.

On the other hand, there is a real “earthly” or “mediterranean” vein to the “external” -for lack of a better word- parts of his design, i.e. color, materials and fabrics. It’s the browns and the linens, the olive greens and the velvety fabrics, that emanate a subtlety and an elegance that I can only associate with the blazing sun of southern Europe.

Admittedly, when it comes to fashion I’m an illiterate gimp, but I feel that the combination of these two qualities creates an original aesthetic that is uniquely noteworthy. Do take a look!!

(Disclaimer: Oriol didn’t ask me to write this.)

Sense Nu

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