It started more or less like this, in the Canaries:

We told you, don’t worry about the horrors of reality, this is vacationland. You should party!

And we managed to keep your bubble intact!

Yea yea, we had to start by taking the humanity out of migrants and refugees.

But you’re bubble’s there! Your vacations are still stellar!

And now we’re doing even better: we’re hiding away the locals!

Don’t worry about all that, that isn’t really happening. Here is a mojito, here’s some ouzo.


Nobody is hurting, there is no such thing as people dumpster-diving in Greece.

Don’t worry, people might be committing suicide in front of the Parliament, but that won’t spatter your khakis.


Unless of course you’re a brown person, unless you don’t really look European.

Then there is a chance neonazis might come after you.

But don’t you worry about that!

Greece is a friendly and hospitable country. They would never put you in a concentration camp.

You, just enjoy the sun, the girls, the ouzo.

Let us take care of the hoi polloi.


(PS. It’s worked in the Third World all along, why should it not work here?)



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