Call in the Bear Jew.

Can you imagine a case where a youtube video makes the headlines, and in that video, an acting Right-Honourable Member of Parliament is singing a song called “Auschwitz” with a band called “Pogrom”, with lyrics like “fuck Anne Frank”, “fuck the tribe of Abraham”, “piss on the Wailing Wall” and “Juden raus”?

Yep. Greece.

The performer is Artemis Matthaiopoulos, Golden Dawn MP for the town of Serres.

Around 425.000 of my fellow Greeks voted for this Nazi party in the last two elections.

Call in the Bear Jew.

2 thoughts on “Call in the Bear Jew.

  1. Konrad Rhodes says:

    Hyperbole always sounds strange or offensive when picked apart and read as plain spoken words.
    While not always agreeing with every action or understanding I support Golden Dawn as the only truly Popular Greek Political Party that has ever actually addressed the real causes, it all fits under the category of Usury, behind Greeces national and the worlds dismal economic downward spiral of destructive deflation. This disgusting coverage of Greece shows how Communists and Leftists get a free pass as “reformers for the people” when they have killed so many more through anti-national, anti-everyone, elitism that it is beyond words like vile and disgusting! I have met and known Germans who lived under Der Fuhrer and Greeks who lived during and under the German occupation. They are not uncritical, who ever is, but they are always praising the so called, Nazis, better than any contemporaries and speak about the incomparably more malevolent , oppressive, violent, viciously so, Communists!
    I personally saw the lying the US did about the Serbs and Serbia. The softcore Academic Leftists needed to get some real experience of this terrible world that the poor, and hard-working have to live in and stop only giving their heartfelt sympathy to the politically correct victims.
    I hate Punk Rock but I will support Golden Dawn as long as they fight for the sane cause of National unity, indentity, and Sovereignty. War, Defense, the good fight, is not pretty but the ideals being fought for are great and glorious beauties!


    1. What a bunch of bullshit.

      If there was nothing else that the communists did right, at least they nailed the “killing nazis” thing. That alone outweighs all the crimes and all the mistakes of 20th century communism.


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