Cut the crap, Sweden

Julian Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. Ecuador granted him asylum today. The British government threatens to enter the Ecuadorian embassy, arrest JA and extradite him to Sweden.

Ow right, Sweden.

Remember how all this started? An allegation of rape.

It’s dangerous to make fun of Sweden’s progressive rape laws and it’s dangerous to dismiss the possibility that JA actually did rape those women. JA should face these charges and if he’s guilty he should be punished. Hero or not, a rapist is a rapist, if proven guilty.

That said, the warrant to Sweden is for questioning, not for arrest. (An international warrant for “questioning”!) Ecuador has offered to allow Swedish judges to come inside the embassy to do the necessary questioning. If this was about the rape allegations, that is if Sweden, the UK etc cared about the rights of the accusing women, that should be the end of the story. Let the Swedes interrogate him on the rape allegations inside the embassy.

There, problem solved.Now, if after the interrogation they feel they need to charge him, hey, that’s a whole different story. They should go back to Sweden and then file a new request for extradition, this time on an arrest warrant. Let Assange’s lawyers fight that in Sweden, etc, let them fight it again in Britain, etc. But in the meanwhile, JA should not fear arrest and prosecution in the UK and should be allowed to go wherever the fuck he likes.

I really wonder though. Julian Assange is hardly the only person accused of rape that has fled the country where the allegations were made. Hell, I’d be really surprised if he were the only person to have fled Sweden for the UK on similar circumstances. Why is it that around this guy, two states spend all this time and money just for “questioning”??

Cut the crap, Sweden

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