#19jgr Antifascist Solidarity with Greece in Toronto

Here is the flyer we passed around:


Never Again Fascism!

In recent years the world economic Crisis has plunged Greece in a deep recession. As always, workers, students and the more vulnerable amongst us are made to pay. Jobs are lost, unemployment skyrockets, pensions melt away, the cost of living rises, etc. This economic crisis threatens the stability of the entire economic system of the European Union. The “solution”, imposed by the Greek and European politicians and bankers, along with the IMF, is crippling austerity. Populations, already hard hit by the direct consequences of the crisis, are further burdened by cuts to social services, salary cut-backs and regressive attacks on labour rights.

As in 1920’s Italy and 1930’s Germany, a previously obscure fascist party has been thrust into the spotlight. This party, named Golden Dawn, scapegoats immigrants and leftists for Greece’s woes and has a political platform based on nationalism, militarism, anti-immigrant xenophobia, racism, rejection of democracy, antisemitism, hatred of the Left and the labour movement. And of course, street-level thuggery and violence.

Already, black-shirt squads march on the streets of Greece. In certain areas, the police has seemingly ceded law enforcement duties to Golden Dawn‘s thugs. Racist attacks are on the rise, as documented by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Gays, artists, journalists and anyone who dares resist them is also on the receiving end of fascist violence. On Thursday, January 17th, Sahzad Lukman, a 27 year-old Pakistani worker was brutally murdered in Athens, being only the latest of a long list of victims of racist violence.

Most alarmingly, the Greek government itself is adopting the fascists’ agenda. While the ruling government coalition of the right and centre-left denounces them in name, in practice it is already implementing the basic parts of their program. Migrants are rounded up in concentration camps. The police routinely do racial profiling and arbitrarily detain anyone who doesn’t look white enough. Beaten and abused detainees are humiliated in public with the complicity of the mainstream Greek media. Perpetrators of racist attacks are rarely sought and arrested. All the while, law enforcement targets students and left-wing activists with increasingly repressive and heavy-handed policing.

The 19th of January 2013 has been designated by Greek antifascists as an international day of action against the resurgence of fascism. We are gathering outside the Greek Consulate in Toronto, joining our voices with people around the world to condemn Golden Dawn and to protest the Greek State and the Greek mainstream media for adopting, promoting and implementing the fascists’ agenda.

¡No Pasaran! Never Again Fascism!

Rhythms of Resistance – Toronto                             RoRToronto.wordpress.com

Greek Solidarity Initiative – Toronto                        TorontoGreekSolidarity.wordpress.com

#19jgr Antifascist Solidarity with Greece in Toronto

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