VICE – Escape From Greece

As one of the gateways to mainland Europe, Greece may be home to thousands of immigrants — but at the moment, it’s not a particularly happy one. Many spend their days trying to escape the xenophobia and erratic immigration policies that characterise Greece at a time of deep financial crisis. More often than not, the migrants look to the West — to countries like the UK or Germany — where they feel they will be able to lead richer, happier lives.

However, even if certain sections of Greek society would rather rid their country of immigrants, EU law means that’s easier said than done. What do you do when you’re trapped in a country that doesn’t want you?

VICE discovered that, for some, the latest route to a better life was on foot — on an increasingly well-worn path from Greece into Macedonia, Serbia and on into Hungary.

VICE – Escape From Greece

2 thoughts on “VICE – Escape From Greece

  1. catherine o dowd says:

    Its not only immigrants who are trying to escape.I am a uk national ,I was teaching english for years here and now find it immpossible to find work.I have a daughter here and she was working as a waitress,then she didn,t get paid.We have no family left that can help us.We rely on my partner-who gives me a little work when he can,even so we cannot pay the electricity bills,we cannot fix our rented -very old-appartment.,let alone heat it now winter is coming.Most of my female friends have left,and their children too.Basically we feel imprisoned here by the system.Why is it that greek people can go to the uk and get income support while here the minimum guaranteed income is non-existant for the unemployed.I love Greece but the negativity and ineptness of the system here is truly soul destroying.Trapped is just the word for it.


    1. What a horrible situation, you hear stories like this from people all over the country, Greeks and otherwise. My heart goes out to you and your family.

      The issue that you bring up with the EU-wide differences in social safety is IMO very to the point. The EU is a unified market when it comes to money and corporations moving around, but for ordinary people, the old walls are as high as ever…

      At least in a federal system like in Canada (now that I became a resident) I can move from one province to the next and be guaranteed certain basic things from the federal government. But the nation-state based EU “common market” seems to work best in pitting common people of different origins against each other to compete for a race to the bottom all the while the leisure class is coasting along like it’s the Gilded Age.


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