“A dark chapter in Canadian history”

Be damned, king, be thrice damned
For the evil you have done and the evil you do.
You catch and shackle the old, the prelates and the priests

In order to take the children as Janissaries.
Their parents weep and their sisters and brothers too

And I cry until it pains me;
As long as I live I shall cry,
For last year it was my son

and this year my brother.

— Anonymous song protesting the collecting of young boys to be made slaves of the Ottoman Empire.

According to the Wikipedia article, the “blood tax” that the Ottomans levied on the Christian populations of the Balkans ended in the first decade of 1700. Having been raised in the Greek education system, I can testify that the collective trauma of the “paidomazoma” (literally: “collection of children”) lives in our national memory. We remember.

“Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School, Saskatchewan ca. 1885 Indigenous parents camped outside of the gates of the school to visi their children as they were forbidden by law to remove their children from the school. This photograph appeared in the 1895 annual report of the Department of Indian Affairs.” (source)

The last Indian Residential School in Canada was closed in 1996.

The genocidal Residential School system only ended in 1996.


That’s the year the Spice Girls put out Wannabe. That’s then year when Civ2, Red Alert, Heroes of Might And Magic II and Lords of the Realm II came out. It’s the year Independence Day and Space Jam came out.


That’s not “a dark chapter in Canadian history”.

That’s fucking yesterday.

“A dark chapter in Canadian history”

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