VICE – Escape From Greece

As one of the gateways to mainland Europe, Greece may be home to thousands of immigrants — but at the moment, it’s not a particularly happy one. Many spend their days trying to escape the xenophobia and erratic immigration policies that characterise Greece at a time of deep financial crisis. More often than not, the migrants look to the West — to countries like the UK or Germany — where they feel they will be able to lead richer, happier lives.

However, even if certain sections of Greek society would rather rid their country of immigrants, EU law means that’s easier said than done. What do you do when you’re trapped in a country that doesn’t want you?

VICE discovered that, for some, the latest route to a better life was on foot — on an increasingly well-worn path from Greece into Macedonia, Serbia and on into Hungary.

VICE – Escape From Greece

Taiaiake Alfred : “Being and becoming Indigenous: Resurgence against contemporary colonialism”

The 2013 Narrm Oration, “Being and becoming Indigenous: Resurgence against contemporary colonialism”, was delivered by Professor Taiaiake Alfred on 28 November.

Professor Alfred is the founding Director of the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. He specialises in traditions of governance, decolonisation strategies, and land based cultural restoration.

The Narrm Oration has been hosted annually by Murrup Barak, Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development at The University of Melbourne with the support of Rio Tinto Australia since 2009.

Speakers (in order of appearance)

Professor Glyn Davis AC, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne

Professor Ian Anderson, Director Murrup Barak and Assistant Vice- Chancellor Indigenous Higher Education, The University of Melbourne

Professor Taiaiake Alfred, Founding Director, Indigenous Governance Program, University of Victoria, British Colombia

Professor Marcia Langton AM, Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, The University of Melbourne

Taiaiake Alfred : “Being and becoming Indigenous: Resurgence against contemporary colonialism”

Καταδικαζεις τη βια, ρε?

Να παει μια Σωτη, ενας Παγκαλος, ενας Κουβελης, καποιος ρε παιδια να εξηγησει στους Mik’Maq οτι ο Καναδας ειναι δημοκρατια και η βια καταδικαστεα απ’ οπου και αν προερχεται. Να παει ρε παιδια, γιατι δεν μας αρκουν οι καταδικες της βιας απο τους βορειοαμερικανους white people, χρειαζεται και λιγο να βγει να καταδικασει η Σωτη απο την Ελλαδαρα.

Γιατι οι Mik’Maq δεν εχουν παρει πρεφα (ειναι τα 500 χρονια αποικιοκρατιας, σκλαβιας και εξανδραποδισμου βλεπεις) οτι η βια ειναι καταδικαστεα απ’ οπου και αν προερχεται, εκτος βεβαια απο την νομιμη βια (του κρατους των white people) και οτι ζουν σε δημοκρατικο καθεστως (στο κρατος των white people) και οτι οι επενδυσεις ειναι καλες για την οικονομια (την οικονομια των white people στη Bay Street). Ειναι προσκολλημενοι σε αλλες εποχες (τοτε που ηταν κυριοι της γης τους, πριν σκασουνε μυτη τα γκανια των white people).

Φταιει φυσικα και το ΠΑΜΕ, οι κουκουλοφοροι, η ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ και οι ακραιες συνιστωσες του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ του New Brunswick που ενθαρρυνει τα συνδρομα της μεταπολιτευσης στο Elsipogtog First Nation, και που ενοχοποιουν την υγιη επιχειρηματικοτητα. Και βεβαια, οι Mik’maq ειναι συνυπευθυνοι για την παγκοσμια οικονομικη κριση, αφου ολοι μαζι τα φαγαμε.

Πες και συ τιποτα ρε Πασχο.

(Το οτι προκειται για Καναδικο κεφαλαιο που δραστηριοποιειται σε  resource extraction να μην φερει συνειρμους: φυσικα και δεν υπαρχει καμια σχεση με Σκουριες. Αλλο ιθαγενεις Mik’Maq, αλλο ιθαγενεις Χαλκιδικιωτες, αλλο fracking, αλλο εξορυξη χρυσου. )

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Mik’maq Resist! 6 RCMP Cars Torched, Fracking Equipment Confiscated


from Earth First! News

In retaliation against a violent police raid this morning on a peaceful First Nations blockade, Mik’maq warriors and supporters have fought back.

The RCMP appear to have arrested journalist Miles Howe, who has been reporting on the Elsipogtog struggle against the illegal gas grab on indigenous lands. More than 200 RCMP are participating in the raid, including snipers in fatigues. Ambulances have been prevented from treating protestors wounded by pepper spray, plastic bullets, and general brutality.


As of the time of writing this, six RCMP vehicles have been torched, and melees of stones have been hurled in response to tear gas, plastic bullets, and pepper spray from the RCMP. Mik’maq allies have also confiscated fracking equipment in continued efforts to maintain the blockade against the gas company.

Blockades are reportedly springing up elsewhere throughout Mik’maq territory, as news has spread of police brutality and unnecessary use of force against peaceful protestors, including elders and children. Idle No More’s twitter account has called on all the Sacred Fires of the World, and solidarity demos in DC, NYC, Vancouver, BC, and Winnipeg have already been announced.

The Mik’maq Blockade has cost the gas company an estimated $50,000 per day, and has been ongoing for two weeks. Today’s crack down is a direct betrayal of a peace process ongoing between the Elsipogtog and the New Brunswick premier, and a violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples as according to the UN. The government of Canada has instigated a major diplomatic incident, and global solidarity is coming in from countries around the world.

The whole world is watching!


Πηγη: Earth First Newswire (οι οικοτρομοκρατες, σαν αυτους στις Σκουριες)

Ειπαμε: οχι στους συνειρμους!

Καταδικαζεις τη βια, ρε?


A neo/new diaspora (from Greek διασπορά, “scattering, dispersion”) is the displacement, migration, and dispersion of individuals away from their homelands by forces such as globalization, neoliberalism, and imperialism.
~~ Wikipedia

Σημειωση (σημαντικη): οι Ελληνες δεν ειμαστε οι μονοι που τα τραβαμε αυτα. Καθε αλλο.

Υστερογραφο: σκατα στους “Πανελληνες“.


Διεθνεις Ταξιαρχιες: υψιστη μορφη Ταξισυνειδησιας

Χτες ποσταρα το τρειλερ του ντοκυμαντερ Ταξισυνειδησια. Σημερα, διαβαζοντας το αρθρο της Ευαννας Βεναρδου “Απο το οικονομικο κραχ ως τον Μακαρθυ“, επεσα πανω στο παρακατω παραθεμα:

Τρεις χιλιάδες Αμερικανοί αντιφασίστες πηγαίνουν στην Ισπανία επί Εμφυλίου. Ανάμεσά τους και Ελληνες της Αμερικής, όπως ο Νικ-Μάικ Παππάς. Ο αδερφός του σκοτώθηκε μάλιστα εκεί…

Θυμηθηκα μια λιστα με μικρα βιογραφικα Ελληνων εθελοντων στον Ισπανικο Εμφυλιο που ειχα συναντησει παλιοτερα. Εκει διαβαζουμε για τον τον Παππας και τον αδερφο του:

Pappas Nicos (Mike) – served with the Lincoln Battalion. He was the Machine Gun Company Commander with position as a Sub Lieutenant. A Greek American volunteer, he is the brother of Filippos Pappos. “A tough Greek from New York who had worked in Moscow during the Depression, Nick Pappas, commanded the Machine Gun company.” Fought at Jarama and in the Eastern Front. Returned to New York after the civil war. Pappas Mike served as a soldier with the Lincoln-Washington Battalion. A Greek American volunteer, in the machine-gun company. He fought at Belchite aged 24. In the United States he worked as a metalworker. To Spain he brought one and a half years military experience and a command of English, Greek and Russian. Commander Tom Mooney Company – 18.3.38 until July 1938. Adjutant 4.8.37 until 7.9.37. Fought with the US Army in the Second World War.

Pappas Phillip – killed in action at the battle of Jarama 24 or 27 February (or 27 March) 1937. He served as a soldier with the Lincoln Battalion. From New York City where he worked in the furniture industry, of Greek parents, he arrived on the SS Paris. – arrived Albacete 17 February 1937. Age 19 and a member of the Communist Party of the United States, he was a cadre of the New York Hellenic organisation Spartacus as well as a member of the ‘Greek Athletic Association of New York’. Killed Jarama 24 February 1937.

Τιμη και δοξα!

(η φωτογραφια απο το σαιτ του ντοκυμαντερ)

Διεθνεις Ταξιαρχιες: υψιστη μορφη Ταξισυνειδησιας

“Ζητω το ΕΛΑΣ”

Ποντιακά τραγούδια της Εαμικής Αντίστασης και του ΔΣΕ.

Τραγούδι Χρήστος Παπαδόπουλος , Λύρα Θανάσης Στυλίδης , Άγγελος Βασιλειάδης , Νταούλι Κλεάνθης Βασιλειάδης

Παραγωγή ΠΕΑΕΑ-ΔΣΕ Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας

“Ζητω το ΕΛΑΣ”